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    CryptoAlly Solarcoin MultiPool
    posted 06/11/2016 21:59:40 by cryptoally

    Welcome to our MultiPool that pays in Solarcoins (SLR)

    CryptoAlly.net's Solarcoin MultiPool is still in ALPHA testing.

    SHA256 MultiPool Ports:
    Stratum Port: 3001 - Vardiff: 256-4096
    Stratum Port: 3002 - Vardiff: 1024-8196
    Stratum Port: 3003 - Vardiff: 4096-16384 (NICEHASH)

    SCRYPT MultiPool Ports:
    Stratum Port: 3101 - Vardiff: 256-4096
    Stratum Port: 3102 - Vardiff: 1024-8196
    Stratum Port: 3103 - Vardiff: 4096-16384 (NICEHASH)

    Note: Currently payouts will be performed manually every 24-48 hours in SLR