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Coin Algorythm Fee Pool
Pura [PURA] X11 0.50%               
DigiByte [DGB] SKEIN 0.75%               
DigiByte [DGB] SCRYPT 0.75%               
DigiByte [DGB] SHA256 0.75%               
CreamCoin [CREAM] X11 0.75%               

Our pools use Single Sign On (SSO), so if you have registered with any of our pools you do not need to register again. You can use the same credentials and same workers.

Note: All MPOS pools will be closed by 15-Oct-2017. Please withdraw your coins before. All pools will be move to uNOMP before 15-Oct-2017.
Coin Algorythm Miners Pool's Hashrate Network Hashrate Last Block Found Fee Payout Pool
TagCoin [TAG] SCRYPT 3 1.46 GH/s 3.82 GH/s 570828 0.75% pplns         
AdCoin [ACC] SCRYPT 0 0.00 GH/s 3.56 GH/s 4374 0.75% pplns         
TheresaMayCoin [MAY] SHA256 7 41647.71 GH/s N/A 74,740 0.75% pplns         

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