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PLEASE DO USE THE Getting Started Guide in order to use the correct worker name to count your shares

Algo: X11 | Stratum Server: | Port: 4702 | NICEHASH Port: 4703
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PURA MPOS MINING POOL Lowered fee to 0.75%
posted 08/14/2017 10:33:33 by cryptoally

Dear Miners,

iCASH was renamed to PURA and new PURA X11 Algo Pool is available now with 0.75% fee.

Please follow the Getting Started Guide before for the worker names, etc.

Enjoy mining!!!

ICASH has now been renamed to PURA
posted 08/12/2017 22:00:48 by cryptoally

ICASH has now been renamed to PURA. This is a new Alpha testing pool