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Algo: SCRYPT | Stratum Server: | Port: 4200 | NICEHASH Port: 4201
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Price Ticker from Yobit
posted 08/19/2017 06:12:36 by cryptoally

Dear Miners,

We have enabled the price ticket from Yobit.

Enjoy Mining!!!

Technical Specs
posted 06/13/2017 19:23:29 by cryptoally

TagCoin Technical Specifications

A little bit about the parameters we've chosen. 4 minutes between blocks is a happy medium between speed and sustainability. Faster coins will run into many problems down the line, the least of which is blockchain bloat. As we intend to support TagCoin for many years to come, these are big issues.

Subsidy reduction has been rethought. Halving every X amount of blocks, like Bitcoin, is very unnatural and "shocks" the market every halving. Accordingly, we've decided to introduce a more natural reduction formula for Tagcoin. The subsidy will reduce by 1% every 3 months for the life of the coin. Additionally, there is a minimum block reward of 3 set in place, as to always encourage mining. Sustaining mining solely on fees is problematic; Bitcoin will have to deal with this somewhere down the line, but Tagcoin will not. Less than 100 million coins will be generated in the first 30 years before this minimum block reward has been reached. 

PoW/PoS hybrid
POS Interest Paid per year: 5%
Algorithm: Scrypt
Coins per block: 27.2
PoW Subsidy reduction: 1% every 3 months, minimum reward of 3 coins
Time between blocks: 4 minutes
Retarget: The same algorithm that PPCoin uses; exponential easing towards the target spacing time.

Network Port: 8623
RPC Port: 18334